Sales Performance


Get a better Sales Performance

Build your sales plan collaboratively and keep them right to strategize. Drive your trade marketing investments and optimize sales performance.

Establish an effective sales strategy. Align sales objectives and sales behaviors with your company goals. Plan and control your trade marketing investments and manage your price effectively. Improve your performance visibility and drive the sales organization. All on a single platform that integrates your CRM data.

Sales Performance Portfolio:

We combine Business Consulting, Business Process and Technology in order to improve your Sales Performance.

SBA – Sales Business Analytics

  • Understand your current state and your potential state
  • Monitor results and fine-tune your business
  • Inform strategy with a view into the future
  • Monthly Sales Performance (Sales Bulletin)
  • Customer Overview / Profitability
  • Sales Rep Performance Management
  • Business Growth Performance
  • Business Partners Management (Distributors)
  • Sales execution and trade investments monitoring

Sales Forecast

  • Predict customer segment and category affinity
  • Market Basket Analysis to identify the next best offer for the customer
  • Overlay browsing history onto purchase history to profile customers

Trade Promotion Management

  • Combine predictive intelligence with business know-how
  • Prioritize offers based on profitability and propensity to respond
  • Market & Customer investments analysis

Price Management

  • Price strategy definition
  • Price analysis & profitability solutions across customers, business lines and channels
  • Reporting, analysis, operational & price planning
  • Price tracking and management

With Sales Performance platform you can have:

  • Leverage Go To Market stategy, driven by Value Potential Market analysis
  • Support sales tactical plan aligning Forecast, Price and Investments with the go to market strategy.
  • Improve Sales team engagement (collaboration and accountability).
  • Holistic view of all key cost drives and profitability.
  • Enhance visibility, control and traceability
  • Drive sales performance execution
  • Sales tactical plan and execution synchronism

Value Proposition:

  • Improve channel and segmentation management
  • Drive the assertiveness of trade investments
  • Increase decision taken quality
  • Improve sales team engagement (collaboration and accountability)
  • Increase salesman productivity
  • Compare performance results across region, channel segment and identify best practices
  • Sales execution monitoring